Hot blue eyed girls

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Do you have black hair and blue eyes? Then you know how gorgeous the combo is. You can make it even better by styling your hair so that it highlights your eyes. See for yourself. They focus on blue eyes. Each coiffure is designed to frame them.

Blue eyes: Is everyone with blue eyes related?

Urban Dictionary: blue eyes

Top definition. The second most common eye color, it is usually attributed with people from the Baltic Sea area Northern Europe. In many cultures blue eyes are considered more beautiful than other colors, but many brown eyed people disagree. This may be explained by the following. It is generally considered a recessive trait, its persistance in European countries is attributed to blue-eyed people finding blue eyes more attractive than other colors. Blue eyes are much less common than brown, and much more common than green.

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Of course, as such a combination has become a true classic all over the world. A contrast that makes blue eyes shine as bright as possible makes blonde look perfect. Forget all those stereotypes about blonde girls as nowadays women can easily fight back. Super beautiful, it will look good on you if you find the right undertone and color.
Among human beings, blue eyes are less common than brown eyes. This is one reason that blue color contact lenses are popular. It appears that a genetic mutation in a single individual in Europe 6, to 10, years ago led to the development of blue eyes, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Eye color depends on the amount of a single type of pigment called melanin in the iris of the eye.