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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn't mine and I make no profit from this, it's just for fun! Oh, and the basic idea for this fic comes from Chapter 16 of "Toil and trouble" by esama — though I'm changing it around a bit of course… it's just that as I was reading the summarized idea I could almost picture it developing movie-like, so I knew I couldn't resist giving it a try! A… Switched Chance. It wasn't the feeling of the world being larger… no, that was expected. They had been trying to go back to their younger selves, after all — aiming specifically at their tenth year of age — so it stood to reason they would be… smaller.

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And I'm sorry if the characters are not acting like their real selves. I co-wrote this story with 'Clara of the Wolves', so don't be confused that she has this story too. And you will only switch with the object if the object is smarter than you. Considering this was so loud everyone in the room went silent and stared at the source of the noise. As he wished, the students drank their potions almost immediately and suddenly noticed how close they were to each other.
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