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Trevin Whitman, 23, is charged with five counts of unlawful sex with a minor. Police began investigating Whitman after the teen's mother found her diary in which she admits to having sex with the suspect, according to a Fremont Police report. The report said the diary detailed several sexual encounters the girl and Whitman had dating back to when she was While examining the diary, police found several entries between July 12 and July 15 detailing the two's relationship. I don't want anyone but him, he is who I want to with but I can bc because he is 22 and I'm 13 like if bc I'm going to do what I want and I want to be with him," the teen wrote in her diary.

Girls Having Sex

Girl's diary leads to Fremont man's arrest on having sex with a minor

All rights reserved. After a fight with her mother, R. At a train station, she met some men who tricked her and took her to a red-light district in the city. Many girls who are trafficked in their teens spend the rest of their lives in brothels.

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The girl has to just say no and set boundaries! Some boys may learn strategies to make it easier for them to convince a girl to have sex. However, healthy relationships are characterized by clear communication, including discussions about safe sex and boundaries, and mutual respect for one another, including not taking advantage of one another in emotionally vulnerable moments. Ntarupt is proud to honor Gary Ahr with our inaugural community advocate award.