Frisk x chara lemon

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This story has been Patched up, also please do not post reviews for this fic on my other story. I hate asking people, but I want to make sure that the right reviews are posted to the right story. And if you did it for the sake of me seeing it, please know that I still read the review section of all my stories Regardless if they're meant for another story or not. Well, grab your dicks and clits and then double click for a Frisky story about two sides of a whole and one night alone with no parents, skeletons, obscure characters, and all that shit to interfere with their sexy time. Also, to those who support this couple in this way… You're welcome.

Breathless (CHARISK LEMON)

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They awoke at the same time neither was happy to see the other. Two girls one wearing a shirt with green and yellow stripes her red eyes glow in the dark and the little bit of blush on her cheeks making her just a little more creepy not to mention how pale she was. Out of nowhere the red eyed one laughed almost hysterically. Frisks face contorted into as much shock as it could show without opening her eyes.

I found this on google it's a fanfiction of charisk 18+ XD

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After Chara's unsuccessful attempt at breaking the barrier, he is given a new chance after a brief visitation with the void and six other lost humans. This second chance however sends him on a journey with the undergrounds newest human, Frisk.
Frisk X GameCreator! Chara with Gamer! Asriel Male! Chara Female! Frisk Hot lemon included Chara is coming over.