Big butts and boobs

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In recent years, the butt has broken the Internet , spurred discussions on cultural appropriation , and scored formidable victories in its age-old war against the breast. If you struggle to strengthen your behind, you may be suffering from Dormant Butt Syndrome — also known as Dead Butt Syndrome — a medical condition linked to weak and underdeveloped tush muscles. DBS isn't a formal medical diagnosis, but the condition can contribute to pain in other parts of the body, Kolba told the Ohio news site Cleveland. Storing fat in your butt rather than in other parts of your body has actual health advantages, according to some health experts.

Do Men Really Prefer Big Butts? Science Has the Answer

Do Men Really Prefer Big Butts? Science Has the Answer |

Pretty interesting, but do things change when butt size comes into play? To find out, the researchers asked men to look at images of women with different butt sizes and spinal curves. Turns out, the men were turned on by women whose spinal curvature was closest to 45 degrees, regardless of the size of their rear. But before those of you with pancake-flat cabooses get all cocky or, shall we say, cheeky?

Boobs and ass Sticker

No one wanted an arse that looked like it had been poured into a pair of jeans. No one was working on their bum goals. Thinner was undoubtedly better and that meant having a small bum, small boobs, small waist. But where does this big bum worship start crossing the line into a particularly difficult form of cultural appropriation? The mainstream has appropriated bigger bums, chunkier lips, thicker hair as being a beauty standard to which we should all be aspiring.
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