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Veronica slides her deep purple dress on and turns around, waiting for Archie to zip her up. A bridesmaid dress, for all intents and purposes. Archie drags the zip up and Veronica turns around, placing her hands on his shoulders. Archie looks pained. Veronica straightens his tie.

The Devil You Know (A Beronica Devil Wears Prada Fusion Fic) Update!

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: InfiniteGalaxies06 - Stories: - Followers: 14 - id: Fics centered around Beronica with a bit of Jarchie on the side pm me if any stories fit the description. Riverdale: I Am by Forgotten Conscience reviews With their feelings figured out, Betty and Veronica enact a plan to come out and be who they really want to be. Anything Goes by thisisle reviews She didn't even bother to lock the door behind her. She didn't know if she would prefer someone to come in and kill her, or someone to bust in and give her the chance to kill them.

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The next chapter has been posted! You can read the entire fic here :. The Blossom twins went out on a boat ride just after dawn.
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