Be amazing at sex

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By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. We've all heard the one about 'a lady in the street and a whore in the bedroom', but how much truth is there in the saying? After years of researching and writing about sex, I'd say quite a bit — in the second half at least. Except I'd replace the word 'whore' with a wordier but more accurate description: 'a woman who is sexually confident, adventurous and knows what she wants'.

5 Science-Backed Tips to Make You Better in Bed

How to Be Good at Sex

Below, learn how to be better in bed with five simple actions. Get high. Participants in the study claimed that getting high increased sensitivity, while getting drunk led to desensitization and more regret. The research also suggests that people hook up with fewer strangers while on marijuana, so take that how you will. Make your special someone actually feel special. A new study out of Israel found that when people felt their partner was being more attentive toward them, they were thirstier for their partners — and they had more sex. Just like the Drake lyric , Soon as you see the text, reply me suggests, responsiveness may be the key to keeping the fire burning in a long-term relationship.

11 ways to help yourself to a better sex life

Ladies, having good sex is within reach! And you deserve it! As a dating coach, my work is to empower men and women to find the love they are looking for through self-fulfillment and confidence in all aspects of their lives. A big part of what I do is to guide my clients through whatever is holding them back when it comes to confidence, intimacy and finding a great romantic connection.
One way to monitor your performance is through noise — are they making any? Well, maybe. Studies have shown people less confident in their sexual prowess are quieter during the act, so while this may be an argument for you to turn up your grunts, it may mean your partner needs some encouragement too.