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Barbarians TV Review

Like many shows or films of its ilk which some derisively dub swords-and-sandals flicks , Barbarians is filled with sex, spears and bloody sacrifices. For good reason. The story of how a tiny village rose to become a great power of the ancient world and then slowly fell apart, is a fascinating and instructive tale. But the more one reads about Rome — its conquest of land and peoples, its corruption and criminality — the more one begins to develop some antipathy, or at least a deep ambivalence. Thus admiration becomes reserved for the handful of individuals over the centuries who dared rally their compatriots and stood up to the might of Rome: From the escaped gladiator Spartacus to the brilliant Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca and the brave Celtic queen Boudica. This is one such story. The true story of Arminius, hero of Germania and traitor to Rome, who dealt the Empire one of its greatest defeats in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest 9 CE and changed the course of history by halting its expansion across Europe.


What We Know So Far. Like many shows before it, it has blood and sex and a tenuous grip on history — and probably a built-in audience of people who eat up this kind of stuff like NASCAR tailgaters at a pig roast. The Gist: Teutoberg Forest, a coupla centuries ago. Thusnelda Jeanne Goursaud is instructed by her father to stop being happy and let him sell her to the chief of another Germanic tribe. Such is the state of feminism in 9 A.
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