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Sterling Silver Studio offers students appropriate technique, history and terminology in ballet classes. Students will be guided through classes that stress proper alignment to prevent injury. Our ballet program offers students the chance to develop their poise, strength, flexibility, and grace through progressive lessons. Your instructor will advise parents when a ballet student has reached the maturity level to go on pointe. Contemporary dance is not a specific dance technique, but a collection of methods developed from modern and post modern dance. Technique from all styles of dance including Jazz, Ballet, Modern and more can be combined to perform a Contemporary dance piece.

Adult Classes

4 Adult Dance Classes for Beginners in the Twin Cities - Magazine

Ever seen a ballet, and found yourself enchanted at the graceful pirouettes around the stage? Wonder no more: the Twin Cities has plenty of opportunities for you to whip out your dancing shoes. Just remember: when in doubt, dance it out! Cowles Center, Hennepin Ave. Keg House, 34 13th Ave.

4 Adult Dance Classes for Beginners in the Twin Cities

Ballet Royale does not limit its offerings to traditional ballet students. We offer classes that are open to teens and adults of every level of experience. Adult Beginner and Ballet For Teens classes are designed for teens and adults with no or very limited previous ballet experience, and are 1 hour long. These classes are ideal for teens who starting training later than traditional students, adults who danced when younger and wish to again enjoy the benefits and joy of ballet, or even professionals or teachers looking for extra classes.
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