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Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. In honor of Billboard magazine's th anniversary on Nov. The '60s was the first full decade of rock and roll, and the top twenty singles of the decade reflect a battle between old and new forms. Elvis Presley and Ray Charles , who helped lay the foundation for the explosion of rock and soul in the '50s, each appear on the list; so does the smooth doo-wop of the Four Seasons. Louis Armstrong , the famous jazz musician who had been recording since the s, had one of the biggest hit singles of the '60s.

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Thousands of more photos, many of them not seen in decades if ever at all! Lewis, a native of San Diego, got his first taste of the drags at nearby Carlsbad Raceway in late , when he was 11 with some car-loving neighbors. Before long he was toting a Brownie camera with him to capture the magic unfolding before him and quickly graduated to a Honeywell Pentax SLR and on it went. Photography went from a hobby to a profession in the mids when he did a lot of work for Dave Wallace Jr and the fledgling Drag Racing magazine, which earned him his first cover shot or what would end up to me more than covers on various magazines.

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The long, hot summer of refers to the race riots that erupted across the United States in the summer of The most destructive riots of the summer took place in July, in Newark, New Jersey , and Detroit, Michigan , and many contemporary newspapers headlines describe them as "battles". Johnson established the Kerner Commission to investigate the rioting and urban issues of Black Americans. A history of institutionalized unemployment, abusive policing, and poor housing was already present in certain areas of the United States. Riots began to flare up across the country but especially during the summer months.
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