Young adult transition program

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Cascade Crest Transitions offers a young adult transitional program based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Our program is comprised of two distinct phases: Belay Phase, Ascent Phase, with our Summit Phase available to appropriate alumni. The Belay Phase begins with a three to four month structured daily schedule and supervision. The Ascent Phase follows with a six month independent living experience and opportunity to become more independent.. The Summit, or alumni, phase of the program allows students to continue to receive individual therapy, academic advising and drug-screening as they transition to life as an healthy independent young adult. To facilitate a transition to healthy independence by empowering young adults and their families to work with their learning struggles and self-defeating behaviors in a manner that supports personal responsibility and healthy interdependence so that young adults can achieve their educational and life goals.

Young Adult Transition Programs

Independent living For Young Adults, Young Adult Transitional Living

Transitional living programs for young adults are designed for young men and women that need support when making the shift from adolescence into adulthood. These specialized programs help young adults achieve lasting success through comprehensive programming combined with shared, apartment style, or dormitory style living. There are many different types of transitional living programs for young adults. Transitional living programs can be single gender all-women or all-men or co-ed and also serve a variety of ages. Many are specialized to meet the specific needs of a particular population, for example, young women or young men that need help shifting from treatment into adulthood.

Transitional Living

Transitioning into adulthood is a daunting task. It is a time of so much change in so many areas of life. No matter the challenge, OPI offers young adults the individualized help they need to find joy and lead productive and meaningful lives.
In the twenty-first century, being a young adult is more difficult than ever. Coming in towards the end of a financial crisis, the current generation is from certain to know their direction in life; even a college degree does not guarantee employment. For the first time in over years, more 25 to year-olds live with their parents than alone or with a partner with just under a third of the population — With the rise of mental health awareness, more young adults than ever are diagnosed with mental illness that only compounds the problem. Fortunately, a transitional living program can help.