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Back in , after Remember Me debuted, I wrote about the different presentations of men and women in games , with a specific focus on, well, butts. Butts are a favored focus in game covers; characters are often positioned looked away, or partly away, from the viewer, and we are presented with their backs. Female butts are clearly outlined and on display that round thing in your face, as it were , while male butts are often obscured, shadowed or covered with a shirttail, or hidden with a tastefully deployed branch, gun or other object. Because Until Dawn is played in third-person perspective, and because I powered through my initial play in seven hours during the Extra Life marathon, I spent a lot of time looking at butts, and so had great opportunities to analyze who I was seeing, and when, and how. The game features twelve characters, six women and six men, though only eight make up the primary characters the player will embody at various parts of the story with another who anchors the prologue.

Dat Ass Revisited: The Women of Until Dawn

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She quickly whips out her phone and takes a selfie. At one point, Sam reached the metal gate with a note attached to the front: "Gate's busted because I broke it, lol , climb over! Sam walks over to the left stone wall surrounding the gate and climbs on top. She stays with her stomach lying on top of the wall and pretends she's swimming. She then pushes herself forward a bit too much and she falls forward, falling heavily on her face on the other side.

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Ashley "Ash" Brown is one of the eight main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. She is portrayed by actress Galadriel Stineman. Ashley is a young Caucasian woman with medium-length layered red hair and green eyes. Ashley wears natural-colored lip gloss and has smokey eye-shadow.
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