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The Castanic is one of the Races in Tera. They are clever and skilled people, primarily comprised of craftsmen, merchants, and artisans. They're extremely loyal, but also opportunistic and quick to anger. Originally named devas, the castanics were children of the goddess Zuras.

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Games Beat. Known for their dark, wry humor and bold manner, castanics refused to be chained to their dark past, and now strive each day to forge a new future. Fierce and independent, castanics make superb allies… or deadly enemies. Quick attacks and high mobility make warriors essential to group play, but also survivable while soloing. Tanking with this class is very possible but also extremely difficult.

Castanic Female - Cloth Armor

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Since the fall of their Demon God, the Castanics have suffered unspeakable prejudice and oppression dating far back into the Mythic Ages. As a result, they mistrust others and prefer to go at things on their own. Resourceful and hardy, they draw from their innate individual strength to see them through this Age of Chaos. Sometimes seen as hedonistic or flighty, Castanic refuse to let their dark past cloud a bright future in the federation.