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Taiwanese teenagers not satisifed with own international perspective. Pixabay photo Taiwanese teenagers not satisifed with own international perspective. Pixabay photo. During a press conference on Tuesday June 23 , the nonprofit released the results of its survey on the international outlook of Taiwanese teenagers. According to the poll, the students surveyed graded their own global perspective, giving themselves a score of More than 59 percent of students in Taiwan believe that the language barrier is responsible for a limited global view, while 47 percent said their inability to understand foreign cultures is the biggest obstacle to fostering an international mindset.

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We will be welcoming a year-old foreign exchange student into our home for a year on August 11, and are hoping to avoid any cultural faux pas that might get us off on the wrong foot. For example, we wouldn't greet an Israeli student with a ham sandwich or extend our left hand in greeting to a Saudi student. Probably not a good idea to tell a Cuban student Castro jokes. But what about Taiwanese kids? We've been told to give him flowers at the airport.

Taiwanese teens give themselves 'D' on global outlook

Post a Comment. Pages Home Best of Taipei Female? Thursday, October 18, Taiwanese teens know that their English classes are terrible. It's an English-language 'new media' website with articles written by Taiwanese teenagers, with a lot of really great content and a useful site to follow if you want to know what Taiwanese youth are thinking.
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