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Back in the day before networks would dominate daytime programing with an endless barrage of talk shows that now all seem to be made up of groups of people sitting around tables and gossiping , morning and afternoon television would consist of a myriad of game shows and daytime soaps. If you were home sick it was the only stuff on you could find to watch. Some of those soaps felt they had been on the air forever. A few seemed to have run for acouple centuries in some capacity. I think a few started out as cave paintings. As the daytime television landscape changed most of these game shows and soaps would gradually fade away and now their reruns idly reside on The Game Show Network and The Soap Opera Network.

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The Price is Right is Getting a Male Model | Rachel reynolds, Hot beach girls, Bikini beauty

She is best known for being one of the longest-serving Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right 18 years Hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina. A Marine brat who soon made new residence in Virginia with her Military family. Dian was raised in a strict religious household which she soon chafed against as she turned to beauty pageants to help her escape her highly regimented lifestyle. In the early s, Dian began to land small roles in TV and movies as well as appearing on covers of various magazines including Cosmo. Dian first entered the doorways of The Price is Right in mid-April , in the spring substituting for Anitra Ford for three shows Bob Barker had first introduced her as Diana Parkinson. She would return to the show as a long-term substitute model later that August when Anitra took a leave of absence from the show until mid-October and it during this time period that Dian wore a brunette wig as an attempt to look like Anitra during her absence.

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Nearly two months after The Price Is Right announced that it would diversify its sex appeal by hiring a male model, the long-running game show has announced said pioneering male prize handler: Rob Wilson of Boston. Maddeningly, little is known about Rob Wilson of Boston other than the fact that he vaguely resembles Taylor Lautner, looks to be in his mid-twenties to early thirties, and was voted to victory by viewers who preferred him over exotically-named finalists Clint Brink!!! Apparently Wilson also proved his eye candy strengths and appliance-showcasing capabilities by completing random tasks, including a costume change and a performance of the Price is Right theme song with self-composed lyrics. Also noteworthy: the only CBS-issued photo of Rob Wilson of Boston currently circulating the Internet is one of him shirtless, with his name body-painted onto his hairless chest.
She is best known for being one of the originals and the longest-serving Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right up to date: For 28 Years, September 4, series premiere -December 13, Native of Seattle, Washington, at the age of 18, Janice landed her first job as a dancer was at the Seattle World's Fair. From there she traveled to Las Vegas where she worked as a dancer and showgirl with such show-business legends as Jimmy Durante and the late Eddie Fisher. At just 23 years of age, she flew to New York to pursue a modeling career. There, she had signed with the famous Eileen Ford Agency and fashion photography and television commercials ensued.