Play doh sex toy

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It's just what you want in your child's Christmas present really, a toy that looks like a penis and squeezes putty from the tip. Fun for all the family. Sadly for Play-Doh, parents don't seem to agree. The company's Facebook and Twitter has been flooded with complaints, after mums and dads around the world witnessed their children unwrap what looks like a dildo on Christmas day and proceeded to make baked goods with it.

The Play-Doh sex toy was a mistake, but making a big deal out of it is much worse.

Play-Doh Is Redesigning The Penis Toy | The Mary Sue

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Parents upset over penis-shaped Play-Doh toy

This latest story comes courtesy of Play Doh, perhaps one of the most common brands of household toys in the world. Most of us had Play Doh in our lives at some point growing up — but perhaps not like this latest release from the brand. Some parents had found themselves embarrassed by relatives who accused them of allowing their children to play with a sex toy because, unfortunately, the latest Play Doh release bore more than a slight resemblance to a dildo. In fact, the penis shaped design is a two-piece syringe-like toy that is intended to be used for cake decorating. The fact that the toy has a hole in the top through which the Play Doh is squeezed has simply added insult to injury for many.
Warning: plastic kid's toy that looks like a penis ahead. It's a penis. No one, not one single person at Hasbro, stopped for one minute to really take a look at this Play-Doh toy and realized that it looks exactly like a penis? No one had a moment of: "Hm, ya know, when I stare at it for longer than half a second, it does kind of resemble the male reproductive organ. This play-doh toy "ruined" this woman's Christmas.