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Sex and the City actor hits naked jackpot |

As early as , though, Universal Studios recognized there might still be life in the American Pie brand and enlisted Elliott — who has previously shepherded home entertainment revivals of franchises like The Scorpion King , Kindergarten Cop and Blue Crush — to bake up another edition. As the reboot went through its lengthy development process, the landscape for high school comedies changed as movies like Blockers and Booksmart found acclaim and success by and about women. I felt like I could make the right movie at the right time, and with the right partners. It was a real effort to make sure that we weren't making dumb guy mistakes. I'm sure we made some anyway, but we had a lot of help. I think that it would have gone down differently. That specifically meant ensuring that any nudity or sexual activity would be entirely consensual for both the male and female characters featured in the scene.

"Sex and the City" actor hits "naked" jackpot

The plot revolves around a dancer who is lured to a strange town and thrown into a deadly game after being kidnapped by a serial killer. Stripped naked, she is forced to run for her life through the vast uninhabited regions of New Mexico while being pursued by a maniacal hunter. The story begins with a naked woman in the middle of nowhere, obviously under duress. She falls after being shot. A man walks up behind her and executes her with a pistol.
Channing Tatum shows off some of his better assets in the movie "Magic Mike" and its sequel. But as he told Elle magazine , he enjoys being in the buff off-camera, too. Believe it or not, Matthew McConaughey passed up an opportunity to shed some of his clothes.