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So current versions? Deku could try rushing him at 50 feet for a blitz. I dont think he'd pull it off before Shoto reacts though. Todoroki can take a few air pressure shots and win at range. He used it once against overhaul and it didn't work.


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Uraraka Ochako still did her best and gave a good fight. This fight is one of my most favorite in this season. Next scene that I really like is that fight between Midoriya and Todoroki. But he stood here the most especially in this fight.

My Hero Academia 2nd Season Midoriya Vs Todoroki (GIF)

Izuku Midoriya vs. Sports Festival's Fighting Tournament. After leaving Ochaco in the waiting room, Izuku encounters Endeavor in the hallway. Endeavor commends Izuku's impressive power and how he used it in his win over Hitoshi Shinso.
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