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Since the Olsen twins have been in the spotlight almost since they came out of the womb, it's hard to believe there's anything we don't know about them. It's adorable when parents dress their twins in identical outfits, but it's fairly problematic when children aren't allowed to develop their own identities. Early episodes claimed Michelle was played by "Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen," in an attempt to keep people from realizing that the fan-favorite Tanner was being portrayed by twins. It's very surprising that they need to work so hard to be individually recognizable, because believe it or not, they aren't actually identical twins! They're actually fraternal twins, and Mary-Kate is one inch taller than Ashley and is left-handed, while Ashley is right-handed. Her middle name is actually "Fuller"!

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and More Female Celebrities Who Date Older Men

What is about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who celebrate their 32nd birthday today, that makes them so heart-stoppingly inimitable, inspiring countless Instagram accounts devoted to their every stylish step? Do you want to do something different? They know what works for them. Below, she offers a step-by-step guide. I pat it with a tissue to mat it down into the lip. Then I do a little lip balm. The girls love Fresh and La Mer.

28 Facts That You Forgot About Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Over the years, we watched them grow up on the screen as they transformed into the successful women they are today. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are insanely successful — but do they enjoy being famous? Fun fact: Ashley is two minutes older than her sister! These beautiful baby girls were a blessing to now-divorced parents David and Jarnette Olsen. Along with their older and younger siblings, the family lived in the humble suburbs of Sherman Oaks, California.
The Olsen twins took twinning to a new level as they both chose to be in relationships with men above 50 years old, joining several celebrities who have the same age preference. Mary-Kate married year-old Oliver Sarkozy in , after their two-year engagement. Source: Getty Images. Recently, Mary-Kate filed for an emergency divorce from her husband after he asked her to remove her things from their New York City apartment by May Furthermore, she claimed her husband terminated their home lease without letting her know.