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Sex and the single Jew

La belle juive - Wikipedia

The first time an adult spoke about sex to Jacob not his real name , he was 22, and engaged. In the lead-up to his wedding, he and his rabbi met privately a half a dozen or so times. The custom underscores the extent to which Orthodox Judaism treats sex as a sacred, tightly prescribed act, limited to the boundaries of heterosexual marriage and intrinsically bound to ritual. Of course, the so-called Jewish perspective on sex has another, markedly different face. For decades, Jewish artists in North America have been churning out Jewish characters as neurotic as they are lascivious. Wearing a sheitel and a long, modest shirt and skirt, she is amiable and petite. But she acknowledges that a religious upbringing can serve as both an obstacle and a boon when problems with sex arise.

La belle juive

La belle juive literally, " The Beautiful Jewess " is a recurrent motif with archetypal significance in art and literature, most prevalent in 19th-century Romantic European literature. The belle juive is commonly portrayed as a lone, young and beautiful Jewish woman in a predominantly Christian world. The origins of la belle juive date back to medieval literature. The appearance of the belle juive is commonly deemed a manifestation of antisemitism on the part of the invoker, primarily because the archetype is commonly employed by non- Jewish artists and authors and is frequently accompanied by other expressions of antisemitic notions both on the part of the creator intended for consumption by anti-Semitic audiences.
Jewish women are hot right now. This article does little more than call attention to the misogynistic trend it then goes on to abuse for shock value, and Irin Carmon does a great job of breaking it down at Jezebel. And how do Jewish women feel about being the object of a sexual fetish?