Is caity lotz gay

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After being demonised or erased entirely over the span of decades, queer stories are now finally being told on TV with the kind of nuance usually reserved for their heterosexual counterparts. We've rounded up eight queer heroes who have recently kicked all kinds of ass on the small screen and helped inspire change for a better future. Sara Lance started out as a secondary character on Arrow and was defined mostly by her relationship with Oliver Queen, but over the years, the bisexual hero has stepped to the fore of the Arrowverse, leading the Legends of Tomorrow on their quest to save time. Rather than turn her sexuality into a huge plotline, the writers have incorporated Sara's love of both men and women into her story without fanfare, making her a fan favourite in the process.

Is Arrow’s Caity Lotz Gay Or Is She Dating Anyone at The Moment?

Is Arrow’s Caity Lotz Gay Or Is She Dating Anyone at The Moment?

Talk about versatility, Caity Lotz is an actress, dancer and a singer who has made her presence felt in the entertainment industry. Lotz was first a dancer before she discovered her forte in other faculties of entertainment. While she is known as a talented dancer, she is also popular for her roles in movies like Mad Men , The Pact , Death Valley and many others. She was born on December 30, , into a middle-class family in California.

13 bisexual characters that TV got right

Lisa Wardle lwardle pennlive. Bisexual characters on TV. TV has gotten more inclusive the past year.
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