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The only thing that approaches the fun of getting an award is giving a few out. And seeing as how I failed to write, direct, produce, edit, appear in or compose the score for any movies this past year, it looks as if I'm going home empty-handed on Oscar night again. My problem is this: top 10 lists are, to me, kind of boring, particularly when my name's not David Ansen and nobody gives a Shrek what I would put on mine. Sure, I could throw "One Night at McCool's" on there, just so my mother can buy the DVD and beam with pride when she flips it over and reads that her son--and only her son--called it "One of the Best Movies of the Year! So here's my solution: no top 10 list, just a smattering of awards covering all genres of my design. Some little things were particularly great in , and this is the only forum where they'll get their due.

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If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member advertisement Cliffhanger R - 1. Sylvester Stallone stars as an expert mountain climber forced to help a viciously psychotic villain John Lithgow recover million dollars, scattered in three suitcases on assorted Rocky Mountain precipices. Michael Rooker and Janine Turner co-star. Also, a number of people are riddled with bullets, some in slow motion, and some people are blown-up.

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While the sequel to After won't be out until Oct. And since After ended in a huge cliffhanger, it's understandable if you're hungry to know more. Don't worry, if you don't mind spoilers, just keep reading to find out exactly what happens next.
Like, a lot. With filming on the third and fourth movies already underway in Europe, it's only a matter of time before the answers to all your looming questions will be served on a silver platter. But back to the sequel! Roger Kumble: I never did a sequel before. I literally just finished making this very sweet rom-com for Netflix ['s Falling Inn Love ].