Caught having sex in public places

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Residents and police voice their disgust after night of drunken debauchery despite lockdown guidelines not having been fully lifted. Amongst the drunken behaviour which scarred the Barbican's reputation last night, were couples having sex in public, people urinating and even defecating in alleyways and piles of rubbish - including used tampons and used condoms - being left for residents to encounter. Police have told Plymouth Live they were left appalled at the behaviour of more than people - considered a conservative estimate - who crowded the cobbled streets yesterday evening and night. Some of the booze which flowed came from nearby pubs who were offering 'takeaway' alcohol, but police say others had clearly brought their own from supermarkets, stores and their homes.

Is Having Sex in Public a Crime? What Can You Be Charged With?

Couple caught having sex in public | Metro Video

That shit can turn us on. We want to make this clear as day: Even if you find public sex titillating, we can't encourage you to get down with your partner in the park. That means parks, libraries, museums, restaurants, beaches, airports, and public bathrooms are off-limits. Having sex in your car is also a risky move, because passersby might see you. The same goes for having sex in your first-floor apartment with the windows open so anyone walking by can see you: You could still be charged for lewdness.

Video: Couple caught having sex in public

Everyone has a to-do list. Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith first made headlines earlier the year when the two were caught having sex in public. The video that went viral showed the woman going down to perform oral sex on her partner before they moved on to have fully-fledged intercourse. The sexed-up couple who enjoyed every bit of the steamy session has been found guilty of public indecency. They could land up in prison, according to the media reports.
A brazen duo were reportedly spotted having sex on the grass at Plymouth Hoe on Wednesday, the hottest day of the year so far. Their alleged antics stunned bystanders walking by. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox.