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The initial hypothesis of the researchers was that the different languages and the different readership of these magazines would be major factors accounting for possible differences. Fifteen articles from the relationship advice sections of each magazine were selected for this study. Both semantic and latent approaches were used in the analysis of themes in order to analyse not just what is foregrounded by these texts but also what is backgrounded or omitted. However, there are some subtle differences in how these themes are expressed in the magazines. This fact clearly illustrates the need for a more nuanced discussion on gender and sexuality in the Middle East in order to minimise the perpetuation of stereotypical constructs of Arab women.

In the Arab Bedroom: The Sex Life of Arabs

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The New Arab. Date of publication: 26 September, Women who attempt to break taboos and to diverge from common social protocols, which at large do not allow any sexual contact before marriage are commonly slut-shamed, forcing many into silence. But one writer of a Moroccan origin refuses to stay quiet. They decided, when it was not in their upbringing to do so, to have a sexuality, lovers, to study, to work.

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Jump to navigation. A reluctance to use condoms has helped lead to a rise in HIV infections in the Arab world. Paul Keller under a Creative Commons Licence.
The sex life of Arabs is terra incognita for scientists and policy makers. Shereen El Feki. El Feki, a Canadian-Egyptian immunologist University of Cambridge and award-winning journalist for The Economist and Al Jazeera, spent the past five years taking the temperature in bedrooms across the Arab world - a region spanning 22 countries and numbering million people, in which the only acceptable, socially acknowledged context for sex is marriage Everyone talks about football, but hardly anyone plays it.